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Aloha and welcome to Flawless Bride Hawaii's Photo Gallery. Here you may view a collection of Mary's Hair Styling work.

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Hair Styling Tips

Choosing a Style

Hair Styling Tips When choosing a hairstyle, paging through bridal or hairstyling magazines can give you lots of ideas. Keep in mind your own hair length, texture and condition and if your hair can realistically be styled that way. When you have made a choice, save the picture and bring it with you for the day we meet. This method will save us some time and help me to see exactly what you want.


Your wedding day appointment has additional time included for consultation and style choosing. Because most brides reside off-island and arrive without much time before the ceremony there is rarely time for a trial run. We are finding it is not really necessary but it is an available option. We would need to schedule this ahead of time just like scheduling the wedding day and rates for this are the same as wedding day rates.

I have a very successful method of styling wherein I periodically stop and show you how your hair is turning out. In this way we can make any changes or adjustments needed during the styling process.

Prepping for my arrival

Have your hair clean and dry upon my arrival, this eliminates blow drying time. I will be able to spritz with water and add products as needed to your clean, dry hair for styling.


Please, be ready for my arrival as scheduled. If we start late, all timing that follows will also start late and the sunset waits for no one! You don't want to miss that small window of opportunity for a Hawaiian Sunset Wedding Album or video.

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