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Aloha and welcome to Flawless Bride Hawaii's Photo Gallery. Here you may view a collection of Mary's Make-Up work.

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Make-Up Tips

Make-Up Tips


As a professional make-up artist, I have access to top of the line products that are designed for the fashion and photography industry. I particularly trust my water resistant line. This product is tried and true, long wearing and stunningly beautiful in the natural light. It holds up well in our tropical and humid climate as it is designed to resist moisture.


My style of application is a very NATURAL style. My goal is to blend skin tones, create a matte finish for photos and accentuate special features of the face. I am happy to let you direct me as to what your likes and dislikes may be regarding make-up and application. As with the hair styling I will periodically stop and let you view how the appplication is progressing and make adjustments if needed.


  • CLEANSE AND MOISTURIZE:   Moisturize your facial skin after cleansing before we meet, this will prepare your skin for foundation.
  • BEWARE!!:   Don' t get a massage, face down on the massage table or wear a dive mask snorkeling on your wedding day, morning. These activities disturb the blood flow to the face and cause redness and swelling.
  • SUNBURN:   In Hawaii, always protect your skin from the sun, always! Many people think if it's cloudy they won't get sunburned. False, we are very close to the equator, the sun is extremely strong here and you can burn, burn, burn, even in the clouds. Trying to cover sunburned skin on wedding day is no fun.
  • LASHES:   If you're keen on fake lashes, it's an option for an extra charge listed on my rates page. I use individual lashes, that way I can trim and sculpt the shape to look very natural with your own lashes.

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